We are trusted by more than 68,800 House Holds

The Origin basmati is known for its quality, size, texture and flavour which is why thousands of mothers love it. They believe in us, in terms of taste for their children, health for her husband and traditional value for the elders in the family.
The love we are getting from our customer is uncountable, and we promise to deliver our service with full honesty and dedication from our family to your family. We ensure that you get only the best meal every day from the farm to your dining table.


We have the army or farmers who deliver the finest quality grains without fail directly from farm to your plate.


We believe in purity and simplicity. That is why we know the finest quality can only be achieved if it's sourced directly from farm to your plate. Our family of farmers doing a fantastic job in growing the exceptional quality which can only be delivered by The origin in the whole US.

Milling and Processing

The Origin has a big facility where all the produce is gathered and the processed to remove all the husk and dust before packing it into the final container. We make sure you receive the basmati without any impurities in it.


It is the most complicated process which is why we store the rice until the physical and chemical properties match the eating and cooking quality. We give enough time to age the rice which brings out the flavor and texture as desired.

Quality Assurance

The Origin has always been very particular about the quality. It is the prime reason why every piece of grain passes numerous quality assurance test before getting packed and shipped to the customers. We assure you that our quality standard is never degraded and only the best basmati reaches the market.

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